Technologie optischer Systeme
Sophisticated optical systems are important elements in numerous modern optical devices such as lasers, laser-systems, illumination systems and biophotonic modules. Optical systems contain macro- and micro-optical components such as lenses, waveguides or active crystals, which have to be designed, combined and – after adapted for the application – appropriately integrated into a technical system.
The chair offers multiple lectures on the principles of optical systems. Bachelor and master students of both mechanical engineering and physics can participate. The lectures build upon the physical fundamentals of optics as e.g. taught in the introductory lecture for mechanical engineers.

  • In the master course, there is an additional one week lecture hold "en bloc" (lecture and practical exercises) on the topic of computer-aided optical design. This lecture can be attended independently of the fundamental lecture. A lecture on theory and applications of extreme ultraviolet radiation complete the offered topics.
    Topics for bachelor / master / diploma thesis are listed on the website of the Fraunhofer ILT.

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