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Technology of extreme ultraviolet radiation
This lecture is for students of physics (non-physiclal chosen compulsory subject), mechanical engineering (3rd technical chosen compulsory subject), electrical engineering and other interested parties.

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    Extreme ultraviolet radiation (XUV, 1-50 nm or EUV, wave length about 13.5 nm) has the potential to open up new possibilities for optical, manufacturing and analytical methods. The driving force for the application of extreme ultraviolet radiation in new optical technologies is currently the semi-conductor industry, where structuring on the sub 50 nm scale is intended for chip manufacturing. EUV-light enables diffraction limited resolutions in the area of few nano meters. Another outstanding characteristic of this spectral range is the extreme effective interaction with matter which permits a high material contrast. Based on recent advances in the development of sources and optics, there are currently numerous EUV-applications in the semi-conductor industry, thin film technology, life and material sciences.
    The lecture gives an overview of the fundamentals and applications of EUV technology (interaction of XUV radiation with matter, EUV-lithography, beam sources, optics, metrology, reflectometry, EUV and x-ray microscopy, defect detection, XUV lasers) as well as of the challenges for engineers on developing of new devices.

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