Customized EUV components



Sascha Brose

Dr.-Ing. Sascha Brose


+49 241 8906 8434



Development of optical systems and custom components for the EUV range

Besides the use of commercial products the research group also conducts an independent development, design and construction of EUV detectors, EUV optics, optical systems and special components, which are essential for the development of our experimental setups.

Examples are:

  • Development of compact, vacuum-compatible and EUV-sensitive CCD cameras as used for measurement and alignment tasks in the EUV spectrometer, among others
  • Design of collimator optics for focusing EUV radiation including the entire optical system e.g. in the HiEx setup
  • design of multilayer mirrors for spectral filtering of narrowband EUV radiation as used in the EUV lithography setup
  • Micro and nano fabrication of optical components such as spectral filters and diffraction gratings as subcomponents for the realization of EUV systems.

For the realization of EUV systems and special components, the TOS chair has access to design departments, mechanical and electronic workshops, and a clean room infrastructure with state-of-the-art equipment in the field of micro and nano manufacturing within the framework of ongoing cooperations.