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EUV (extreme ultraviolet) radiation with wavelengths of 5 to 50 nanometer enables novel analysis and structuring methods with high application potential in the field of nanotechnology. The short wavelengths and efficient interaction of EUV radiation with matter provides spatial and depth resolution on the nanoscale, paving a way for ultra-high-resolution lithography, microscopy and high-precision thin film analysis.


The performed investigations in the field of High-Resolution EUV Lithography already today demonstrate sub-30 nanometer resolution with a potential to realize nanostructures of sub-10 nanometer dimensions. The developed in-house technology of high-efficiency transmission masks and gratings enables both a highresolution and a high throughput of the method.

The research topic Imaging and Inspection addresses challenges of nanoscale imaging, defect inspection and inspection of EUV mask blanks. For this purpose, the group developed tailored EUV microscopes for transmission and reflection microscopy both in bright- and dark-field mode. The challenges of optimized detection of EUV radiation with commercial and custom-made direct and indirect (scintillator-based) detectors are addressed as well within this topic.

Investigations in the field of Interaction of Light and Matter are focused on the analysis of surfaces and thin-field layer systems by multi-angle spectroscopic EUV reflectometry and on the local change of material properties under high-intensity EUV irradiation. The developed laboratory EUV reflectometry infrastructure allows for a precise determination of layer thicknesses with sub-nm precision, surface roughnesses and chemical composition of industrially-relevant layer systems, such as high-k dielectrics, OLEDs and other semiconductor layer stacks.