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The use of EUV radiation (extreme ultraviolet radiation, wavelengths of 5 to 50 nanometer) is key to large-area and serial production of nanoscale structures. Ultra-high-resolution EUV lithography with radiation at 13.5 nm has been already established as the most advanced production process in the semiconductor industry and is driving the production of ever smaller and more powerful microchips.


In addition to structuring on the nanoscale, the short EUV wavelengths are also suitable for high-resolution measurements of nanoscale structures as required in nanoscience and semiconductor industry. Of non-negligible importance in modern EUV technology is the fundamental investigation of optical properties of materials and structures in the EUV spectral range as well as effects that occur due to radiation-material interactions. Based on this research, e.g. the development of new and optimized EUV optics is enabled and their long-term behavior in optical systems is determined.


In the EUV technology group at TOS, innovative methods of EUV lithography, EUV metrology, and the investigation of EUV-material interaction are realized with compact laboratory setups. The in-house development of custom components for the EUV spectral range enables the realization of alternative system concepts. Using compact EUV radiation sources from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT), reliable integrated systems are thus realized for demanding research tasks.


In addition to the advertisements for bachelor and master theses and vacancies for student assistants, we also welcome speculative applications from interested students who would like to become part of our research group.