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Jaqueline Dahlmanns


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The lecture Design and Applications of Lasers and Optical Systems consists of two parts which can be taken separated (mechanical engineering: each 2 credit points) or combined (mechanical engineering: 5 credit points). The first part Introduction to Optical Systems for Production is offered in the first half of the semester by Professor Peter Loosen, head of Chair for Technology of Optical Systems. The second part Introduction to Laser Applications is hold by Professor Reinhart Poprawe, head of Chair for Laser Technology.

Lecture and exercises
The lecture and exercise on Design and Applications of Lasers and Optical Systems is hold in the winter term. Details are to be found on RWTH online.

Part 1: Introduction to optical systems for the production

  • Electromagnetical waves
  • Paraxial optics
  • Aberrations
  • Ray-Tracing
  • Optical layout and optimization
  • Optical materials

Part 2: Introduction to laser applications

  • Charakterization of the laser beam as the tool in laser technology
  • Beam sources for laser material processing
  • Physical fundamentals of laser material processing
  • Cutting and joining
  • Surface technology
  • Laser metrology

Offered is an exam on the individual parts as well as on the entire lecture. Date and location is to be found on RWTH online.