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The chair offers multiple lectures on the fundamentals and applications of optical systems. Bachelor and master students of both mechanical engineering and physics can participate. The lectures build upon the fundamentals of optics as taught in the introductory lecture for mechanical engineers.
In the master course, there is an additional one week lecture hold en bloc (lecture and practical exercises) on the topic of Computer-based Optics Design. This lecture can be attended independently of the fundamental lecture.

The Faculty for Mechanical Engineering of the RWTH Aachen University awards an Internal Faculty Teaching Award (de) for excellent teaching in an internal faculty comparison since 2013. Professor Loosen and his team received very good grades from the students for the courses they held in summer semester 2013. Therefore, the Chair was awarded (de) the Internal Faculty Teaching Award.

Bachelor lecture courses

Design and Applications of Lasers and Optical Systems
Winter term, 5 Credit Points

Introduction to Optical Systems for Production
Winter term, 2 Credit Points

Master lecture courses

Fundamentals and Design of Optical Systems
Summer term, 6 Credit Points

Computer-based Optics Design
Lecture en bloc after summer term, 6 Credit Points


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