Main Research Areas

The three research groups of the chair carry out research and development in the areas of optical systems for lasers and laser applications, Freeform Optics and EUV Technology.

Research is embedded in several projects funded by third-parties such as the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the European Union (EU).

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Optical Systems

The research group Optical Systems investigates new assembly technologies for compact optical systems, manufacturing and assembly oriented design, simulation of thermal influences as well as the integration of actors and sensors to actively control optical systems.

Photo: Fraunhofer ILT

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Freeform Optics

The research group Freeform Optics develops algorithms for designing freeform optical elements for a broad range of applications in the field of high efficient LED-lighting, such as street and architectural lighting, multifunctional lenses for automotive applications, LED-fiber coupling, and individually adapted lighting setups.

Photo: Fraunhofer ILT

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Compact EUV radiation sources from Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, enable new industrial and research applications in the field of nanotechnology, which are intensively studied in the EUV Technology group. Short wavelength and efficient interaction of EUV radiation with matter allow not only for large area nanostructuring but also for high precision thin film metrology and high resolution imaging.

Photo: Fraunhofer ILT

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