Computer-based Optics Design


Georg König


Georg König


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The lectures and exercises on Computer-based Optics Design are offered in the lecture-free time after the summer term en bloc in one week. The main focus is the design of optical systems using Zemax OpticStudio as a ray tracing software. Besides the lectures, practical exercises in groups of two are conducted on the computer.


  • Fundamentals of geometric and physical optics
  • Aberration theory
  • Introduction to optics design
  • Beam quality of laser systems
  • Focusing and beamshaping systems for lasers
  • Optical systems for high-power diode-lasers

Lecture and exercises
The lecture and exercises are offered in the Fraunhofer-Institute for Laser Technology, Steinbachstraße 15. Accompanying lecture notes are distributed within the course and are available for registered participants in the L2P classroom. Further information are to be found on RWTH online.

For the planning of the lecture including computers and ray tracing software, a registration at is required in addtion to the registration in the campus-system.

The oral exam is offered in consultation.