Research Projects


The chair carries out research and development in the areas of optical systems for lasers and laser applications, Computational Optics and EUV Technology.

Research is embedded in several projects funded by third-parties such as the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the European Union (EU). In the following, a few selected projects are presented briefly.


Cluster of Excellence

Logo Cluster of Excellence

Cluster of Excellence Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries

As a member of the Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production, the chair carries out research in the fields of Production Technology as well as Agile Product Development. Overall, more than 25 institutes and research facilities in the areas of production, materials science, economics, natural sciences and social sciences cooperate within this Cluster of Excellence that is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG).



Logo Digital Photonic Production

Forschungscampus Digital Photonic Production

Within the Forschungscampus Digital Photonic Production (de) supported by the BMBF, the chair investigates innovative attempts of optical systems technology in the field of Ultrashort Pulse Processing, Additive Manufacturing, and Functional Layers.



Logo LASER.region.AACHEN


The WIR! alliance LASER.region.AACHEN is a funding project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) that promotes structural change in the region. The production and use of new laser-based production solutions will create sustainable jobs and economic success factors for the LASER.region.AACHEN.



Logo MultiFlex


In the EU project MultiFlex, the Chair TOS is working on the investigation and development of a novel high-speed multi-beam application using ultra-short pulse laser radiation. The aim is to realize kilowatt-power applications with individually modulated single beams and finally to integrate the system into an industrial machine.





The overall objective of ECSEL EU Project TAPES3 is to support continuation of Moore’s law in line with the worldwide industry roadmap. Focus is on exploring and preparing the next innovations required to bring the industry’s capability in the fields of lithography, patterning, metrology, mask infrastructure and process modules to the levels required for creating 3nm products. The EUV-Technology group of RWTH Aachen University contributes to the sub-task “EUV Masks infrastructure”. Hereby already available actinic metrology tools and corresponding analysis algorithms will be developed further according to industrial requirements. The research results will allow determination of stoichiometry, quality and reliability of novel materials for future production of 3 nm devices.